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Easily create exciting, gamified adventures to accelerate revenue
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Adventure Pro helps you to:

Increase bookings

After creating your unique adventure using Adventure Pro, you can then sell the tour on your own website and Online Travel Agencies. Attract the tourists, the locals and the large company team building events to sky rocket your revenue.

Have more time to grow your business

No tour guide is required so you can dedicate more time to growing your business. All information the customer requires before hand is automatically sent to them by sms and email. Your customers can play on their own schedule, making cancellations a thing of the past.

Enjoy more happy customers

Let your customers explore and learn about the hidden gems of the local area, play a scavenger hunt style team building mission or enjoy the best views of the city – its all possible! Get real time insights and analytics so you can fine tune your tour, keep the reviews coming and keep customers coming back!

Self-Guided Tours
Made Easy!

Adventure Pro is a self guided tour builder.
Designed to enable tour operators, team building events and attractions to have a fun customised tour.
Guaranteed, quick & easy set-up.
Everything you need to create your own tour
Dive in and take a closer look at our features

Customers solve a trail of clues during the adventure which increases the fun, engagement & teamwork required. You can add different clue types, adjust how many points are received for each clue, and be as creative as you like in the easy to use adventure pro platform.

Sell on OTA’s & Your Website

No tour guide is required so you’ll find Embed a booking widget into your website so that your customers can book direct from you. List your self guided tour on the likes of Trip Advisor, Klook, Get your guide and more.

Group Bookings &

Now you can finally run large group bookings of 20 people plus with the group booking feature. Customise your adventure to make it unique to each company and allow you to charge a higher price.

Keep it Interactive

Insert videos and images that bring your tour to life with engaging stories and themes. ‘Did you know facts’ after each clue add a deeper meaning and significance to the tours. Embed Google maps / street views so that customers can easily navigate.


Embed on your website auto-generated leaderboards from any of the adventures you create at a click of a button. Customers love the competitive nature of the tours as they challenge for top spot!

No Apps or Downloads

Take away the pain of downloading an app for your customers, the tours are all run through the web at the click of a button.

Customer Analytics

Keep on top of your bookings by tracking real time performance. Gauge feedback by Inserting a survey at the end of each adventure so that you can continuously improve.

Rest Breaks

Add restaurant or bar stops along the trail. The timer will pause at this point and resume after the break. You’ll achieve even more revenue by setting up deals with the local restaurants.

Upsells and Payments

Upsell customers during the tour with coupons placed strategically. After the trail why not redirect the customers to another landing page such as your shop merch or your other tours? You can also insert payment fields to accept payments for your tour on the actual day.

& Owned By You

Easily add your company logo to make this your own tour in the language of your choice. Importantly you’ll always own the content and your copyright is safeguarded.

Calculate Your Additional Monthly Revenue

Number of Regular Customer Bookings per Month
Average Order Value of $30 - 2 Players Paying $15 per Person
Number of Large Group Bookings per Month
Average of 30 Players per Group Booking
*Adventure Pro's Commission is 25%

Companies who embrace self guided tours with the Adventure Pro Platform change for the better and for the future.

Food Tours, Walking Tours, Bike Tours, Team Building Events and Attractions around the world use Adventure Pro to increase revenue, save time and enjoy more happy customers!
The self guided tour that we now run in Goa's Latin Quarter is the first of it's kind here. The set up process was very easy to do on the builder and we had lot's of help with the content from Adventure Pro. We see new customers playing the adventure which helps to drive new revenue to our business we wouldn't have otherwise had.
- Nishit Chheda, Owner at TouringTours.In

What Adventure
Will You Create?

Scan now to play a virtual island hopping adventure.

This virtual example adventure was created for the Arival Pro APAC Tech & Distribution Forum

From the creators of

is a platform built for pros by pros.

We understand self guided tours

Customers pay for the adventure on your website or on Online Travel Agency and insert their team details into the booking form.

Customers receive SMS & Email with the instructions on how to begin their adventure. Each player receives a unique one time play link which is valid for 6 months.

They head to the start location on a day of their choice and click play to start the adventure that you own. It’s quick and easy for customers with no downloads required.

Teams solve the cryptic clues on their self guided adventure. Each clue leads to new interesting places to learn the stories, score points and compete together. It’s super fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can`t find what you are looking for?
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Who should use Adventure Pro?

Adventure Pro is suitable for tour companies, team building & events, and larger scale attractions whether that be a museum or a national park where it would be ideal to create a fun Adventure that your customers will love.

If your business goals include: being an innovative forward-thinking company that embraces mobile technology, growing your revenue, whilst having more time to focus on other aspects of your business then Adventure Pro is for you.

Companies that see the most benefits from the software are ones that have a high monthly customer count or regularly host larger teambuilding type events.

Can I get free help while getting started with Adventure Pro?

Our success team would love to assist you with getting your first Adventure live.  We are currently offering 25 companies that match our ideal criteria free set-up. This includes designing clues, the content and integration with your distribution channels. Once this offer is expired there is a set-up fee to ensure that we can get your new product live as soon as possible and give you the best customer service possible.

Do not hesitate to communicate with us via live chat or use our detailed knowledge base of how best to utilise Adventure Pro features!

What’s the difference between Adventure Clues and Adventure Pro? is our B2C marketplace where we have many happy customers and companies purchasing our adventures. Our knowledge and customer feedback that we have gained over more than 3 years offering adventures as a B2C product has enabled us to create Adventure Pro – a B2B software platform for business that wish to build and sell their own adventures.

Are we able to sell adventures on

Yes, you can sell on the adventure clues marketplace alongside tour own channels if you wish to, there is no requirement or extra fees involved in doing so.

How does the pricing work?

On the Pro Plan you pay $99 USD per month. There is also a one of set-up fee involved which is calculated based on your set-up requirements (unless you qualify for free set-up). The revenue share only happens once you start selling above $99 USD in revenue per month making it a very low-cost monthly investment. We think you’ll be selling lot’s more than $99 and more like $5000! You keep 75% of the revenue and we will redeem Adventure Pro’s revenue share on a monthly basis based on how many adventures you have sold. For example, think about it this way: would you pay $99 per month to generate an extra $5000 of revenue?

What’s the difference between The Pro Plan and The Enterprise Plan?

Both these plans have all the same features except that The Enterprise Plan is for larger scale attractions such as museums, national parks, tourism councils etc with high footfall who wish to offer adventures for free (and also sell them if they wish). The Enterprise Plan has a higher monthly fee (based upon how many adventures are played for free each month). Please speak to us if you are interested in The Enterprise Plan and we can discuss your requirements.

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